5000 Series Dump Body Systems

Standard Features:

• Quick, safe and economical covering system for dump bodies up to 18 feet long.5000_truck
• One size fits up to 18 ft. bodies
• 1-1/4” Square Tube Pivot Arms (XEL, XGL, XCL upgrade to galvanized arm)
• Bent Pivot Arm Extensions
• Side Extension Springs
• Pivot Arm Rests

Optional Upgrades:

• Wind Deflector
• Chain Guard
• Electric Motor Drive

2000 Series Manual Pull-Style Tarp Covering Systems

Standard Features:

• Pull-Bar and Pull-Rope includeddonovan-2000-series-tarp
• Cab-Level Crank with Locking Strap

Optional Upgrades:

• Wind Deflector
• Tarp Housing

Tarp Materials

Donovan offers a variety of tarp materials for the Dump Truck and Dump Trailer industry. From mesh to vinyl, they have you covered. Whether you are looking for a low price or a premium tarp, Donovan has what you need!

Mesh Materials

Asphalt Materials (waterproof, water resistant)

There are so many choices. General Truck Body experts will help you make the best choice.
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