Arctic Over-Sized Trailer


Arctic Over-sized Trailer


The Arctic Over-Sized Trailer is an Arctic tolerant container system used to handle cementing, fracturing or chemical blending.  The Arctic Container System is portable and skid mounted.  The Arctic Trailer is built for extremely cold environments mainly deployed in Alaska, Canada and Russia.  The Trailer is over-sized, over-height and over-weight, therefore the Arctic Over-Sized Trailer does not meet the Department of Transportation standards for operating in the contiguous 48 U.S. states.  Control, data collection, and recording consoles are located in the mid-section of the trailer; pumping systems are located in the aft or rear section;  power systems are mounted forward over the gooseneck; and self-contained lighting systems are mounted on the Arctic Over-sized Trailer exterior.

  • The Arctic Over-sized Trailer can be custom configured to include special devices to meet the requirements of any special circumstance either domestic or international.