Coil Tubing Truck Mount

Control Tubing Truck Mount Exterior

Control Tubing Truck Mount Exterior

The Coil Tubing Control Cabin-Tractor Trailer Mounted, similar to sleeper mounting on a tractor trailer, except the Coil Tubing Control Cabin has full access and electronic controls to the trailer unit that is being towed.  The Coil Tubing Control Cabin has a completely self-contained control system in the interior.  The air conditioning system is standard roof-mounted.  The tractor had to be extended to accommodate installation of the control house portion of the cabin.

  • Applications include common oil field locations
  • Operates well in both hot and cold environments
  • Functional in rugged environments
  • Space-saving: allows for more trailer components to be installed
Coil Tubing Control Cabin

Coil Tubing Control Cabin

Coil Tubing Control Cabin controls the entire unit from one point and then outputs data to secondary units via cabling and hydraulic systems.

Other possible applications for the Coil Tubing Control Cabin:

  • Pump control room
  • Blender control housing
  • External feed control routing system

Coil Tubing Control Cabin custom features:

  • Support legs that will allow it to be extended upward and be elevated over the unit to give a clearer view
  • Windshield wipers for adverse conditions
  • Flood lights available for the exterior
  • Four lift points on the corners so it can  go onshore, offshore or be easily be lifted from a vehicle
Jobsite Control Cabin Exterior

Jobsite Control Cabin Exterior

Satellite uplink capabilities built into the roofing that allows the satellite dish to extend and then retract back into the trailer. This is actually mounted up on the secondary unit.