Air Compressors

Do you need a new air compressor to get the job done right?


Engine Mounted Underhood Compressor

General Truck Body offers a wide variety of truck mounted air compressors. Options include product brand, engine brand, tank size, horsepower, as well as several other specifications that meet our client’s specific needs. These state of the art compressors are bolted into most of our existing work trucks and rugged enough for any job. Power and volume are no issue with tank sizes up to 80 gallons and 18+ horsepower.

The main types of truck mounted air compressors are underhood, gas powered, hydraulic rotary screw, hydraulic piston and combo types, and we offer them all in a wide range of models with various capacity ratings that are both durable and reliable.

General Truck Body offers a full line of air compressors from the following manufacturers:

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