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Wireline Truck

The Wireline Truck is a completely self contained wireline vehicle with the operator interface cabinet in the forward section.  Wireline high tensile steel system in the rear is operated hydraulically through the chassis.  Oil well service data is gathered through recording equipment located at the rear of the Wireline Truck and electronically fed to the computer systems in the control cabin in the forward section.


Wireline Offshore Skid

Wireline Offshore Skid

The Wireline Skid has the same capabilities as the Wireline Truck and has a completely self contained wireline skid with the operator interface cabinet in the forward section.  Wireline high tensile steel system in the rear is operated hydraulically.  Oil well service data is gathered through recording equipment located at the rear of the Wireline Skid and electronically fed to the computer systems in the control cabin in the forward section.

  • Built for offshore rigs and supply boats
  • Skid mounted
  • Single lift capabilities on and off the rig via use of offshore cranes
  • Total operational Wireline and feedback control loops and on-board computer system
Wireline Trailer

Wireline Trailer

Wireline Trailer

The Wireline Trailer is built for the same capabilities as the Wireline Truck.  The only difference is the Wireline Trailer is built for adverse, cold conditions.  The interior of the Wireline Trailer is sealed in order to handle the extreme environmental conditions and keep the interior comfortable.  General Truck Body has deployed Wireline Trailers in several cold weather environments such as the North Slopes of Alaska, Northern Alberta Canada and Siberia.

Wireline Control Station

Wireline Control Station

Wireline Control Station

This illustrates the Wireline Control Station utilized on-board the Wireline Truck, Wireline Skid and Wireline Trailer.  The Wireline Control Station is used to control the input and output of information gathered at the well site.

Arctic Over-Sized Trailer


Arctic Over-sized Trailer


The Arctic Over-Sized Trailer is an Arctic tolerant container system used to handle cementing, fracturing or chemical blending.  The Arctic Container System is portable and skid mounted.  The Arctic Trailer is built for extremely cold environments mainly deployed in Alaska, Canada and Russia.  The Trailer is over-sized, over-height and over-weight, therefore the Arctic Over-Sized Trailer does not meet the Department of Transportation standards for operating in the contiguous 48 U.S. states.  Control, data collection, and recording consoles are located in the mid-section of the trailer; pumping systems are located in the aft or rear section;  power systems are mounted forward over the gooseneck; and self-contained lighting systems are mounted on the Arctic Over-sized Trailer exterior.

  • The Arctic Over-sized Trailer can be custom configured to include special devices to meet the requirements of any special circumstance either domestic or international.


Chemical Blending Trailer

Chemical Blending Trailer Exterior

Chemical Blending Trailer Exterior

Chemical Blending Trailer is primarily designed for cold weather service.  The Chemical Blending Trailer is unique in that it has large entry points that can accommodate both storage of chemical materials and blending of individual chemical materials.  In addition, this unit will transfer product to a single output area at the rear of the Chemical Blending Trailer.  The secondary or intermediate area is for control and monitoring methods such as running export pumps, and blending and managing ratios of chemicals.  The control area is also used for recording and implementation of computer outputs.  The Chemical Blending Trailer has a self-contained power system in the forward compartment that can handle both hydraulic and electrical components.

  • Can be configured to handle various sizes and styles of bulk tanks for chemical systems as well as pump and blending systems, including flow meters and density control
  • Chemical Blending Trailer can be built for warm weather environments as well as cold weather environments

Chemical Blending Trailer Interior

This is the interior of the Chemical Blending Trailer demonstrating the bulk tank storage areas, flow meters, density checking equipment and pump mounts for injectable chemical blending systems.

  • All interior surfaces in the Chemical Blending Trailer’s chemical area are treated with chemical resistant coating
  • Because interior surfaces might come into contact with raw chemical material, all interior surfaces are constructed of stainless steel

High/Low Control Cabin

High/Low Control Cabin - High Position

High/Low Control Cabin – High Position

High or Low Control Cabin (High position showing) gives you flexibility with regard to operating height.  Because of its hydraulic elevation system, the Control Cabin has the capability of being adjusted by a height of 24 inches.  This allows the Control Cabin to adapt to either an application where an eroded cabin height is required or it can adjust to maximum height when a stationary operation is necessary to accommodate a full height individual.

  • Completely self contained hydraulic system
  • Both lighting and hydraulics run on 12 volt power
  • Vent fans on lower half are easily maintained
  • Unit has four position lift points making it easy to install on walkway
  • High/Low Control Cabin is mainly built for harsh environments and cold climates
High/Low Control Cabin - Low Position

High/Low Control Cabin – Low Position

High or Low Control Cabin (Low position) showing eroded position so that overall profile of the unit is very low. No external air conditioning systems installed. This is for cold climates, and all the windows slide open for air flow for summertime operations. Mainly built for cold climates using a two piece door, remote control for the hydraulic systems to be lifted from the external points, and can be remotely controlled right from the ground if necessary.

  • Compact capability
  • Harsh/cold environments
  • Totally self contained
  • 12 volt connection
  • Complete access through the floor for control stands systems to be entered through
  • Both hydraulic and electric inputs and outputs

Large and Small Blending Cabins

Large Blending Cabin

Large Blending Cabin

The Large Blending Cabin is a large control cabin that manages a total blending system, involving several chemicals on a standard fracturing location.  The Large Blending Cabin has output type panels for environmental control of the cabin internally.  The side-mounted, one-ton capacity air conditioner aids in the evacuation of warm air when the doors are open, cooling the air down quickly once the doors are closed.  In the winter, the heat coils contained in the air conditioning system allows for rapid warming of the cabin.  The air conditioning/heating system is purposely side-mounted so that the overall height of the unit can remain at a minimum.

Custom features:

  • Custom windows and door openings allows for better access to control panels, plus allows for better viewing of the job site
Small Blending Cabin

Small Blending Cabin

The Small Blending Cabin makes use of sliding doors instead of swinging doors so as not to obstruct the outer walkways or to block interior unit controls. The Small Blending Cabin uses a standard rooftop-mounted air conditioning system to reduce the overall footprint of the unit. Windows are placed on both walls and the door to provide for the best visibility.

  • No evasive entry to outer walkways
  • Easily mounted: four lift points
  • Fully capable electronics and interface hydraulics

Nitrogen Control Cabin

Nitrogen Control Cabin

Nitrogen Control Cabin

The Liquid Nitrogen Control Cabin is particularly small in size due to the fact that it must allow more room for the operator to control the nitrogen tubular pumping systems without any potential contact with the equipment since liquid nitrogen maintains a temperature of minus 345 degrees Fahrenheit.

Custom features:

  • 12 volt flood lights
  • Custom ladder housing
  • Custom sized doors for best possible fit for the Nitrogen Control Cabin’s capabilities

Coil Tubing Truck Mount

Control Tubing Truck Mount Exterior

Control Tubing Truck Mount Exterior

The Coil Tubing Control Cabin-Tractor Trailer Mounted, similar to sleeper mounting on a tractor trailer, except the Coil Tubing Control Cabin has full access and electronic controls to the trailer unit that is being towed.  The Coil Tubing Control Cabin has a completely self-contained control system in the interior.  The air conditioning system is standard roof-mounted.  The tractor had to be extended to accommodate installation of the control house portion of the cabin.

  • Applications include common oil field locations
  • Operates well in both hot and cold environments
  • Functional in rugged environments
  • Space-saving: allows for more trailer components to be installed
Coil Tubing Control Cabin

Coil Tubing Control Cabin

Coil Tubing Control Cabin controls the entire unit from one point and then outputs data to secondary units via cabling and hydraulic systems.

Other possible applications for the Coil Tubing Control Cabin:

  • Pump control room
  • Blender control housing
  • External feed control routing system

Coil Tubing Control Cabin custom features:

  • Support legs that will allow it to be extended upward and be elevated over the unit to give a clearer view
  • Windshield wipers for adverse conditions
  • Flood lights available for the exterior
  • Four lift points on the corners so it can  go onshore, offshore or be easily be lifted from a vehicle
Jobsite Control Cabin Exterior

Jobsite Control Cabin Exterior

Satellite uplink capabilities built into the roofing that allows the satellite dish to extend and then retract back into the trailer. This is actually mounted up on the secondary unit.

Quality Control Lab

Quality Control Lab Exterior

The Quality Control Lab Vehicle is a 23 foot, self contained quality control lab.  It has a generator for electric power, air conditioning and heating, a large lab work area and flood lighting, which allows for complete operability at night.  The quality control lab vehicle has exterior storage for handling both sample components and exterior control devices.  A separate rear door access allows the operator to bring fluid in and out without exposing the interior lab in the forward area.

Quality Control Lab Interior

Quality Control Lab Interior

The Quality Control Lab Vehicle interior shows a large accessible area for the operator to conduct lab analysis as well as computer analysis.  The on-board fan and ventilation systems are able to evacuate hazardous vapor within a minute and a half due to any kind of chemical spill.  An emergency escape window is in the rear in case an entry door is blocked.

Fluid Lab Rear Storage

Fluid Lab Rear Storage

Fluid Lab Rear Storage

The rear storage area of the fluid lab trailer demonstrates its accessible storage capabilities through the large double doors.  The rear storage area utilizes containment for diesel fuel for powering the generator, water tanks for interior lab clean up, water pumps, accumulators and a spare tire.  The rear storage area of the fluid lab trailer is completely coated for weather-proofing.  The doors can remain open in adverse weather conditions without compromising the operations and lab equipment in the forward compartment.

Fluid Lab Trailer

Fluid Lab Trailer

Fluid Lab Trailer

The Fluid Lab Trailer is a miniature version of the Fluid Analyzing Van and the Fluid Analyzing Lab Vehicle.  The small, self contained Fluid Lab Trailer can be towed behind a pickup truck.  The Fluid Lab Trailer has electric generator power on board and interior lab components like the larger Fluid Analyzing Van and the Fluid Analyzing Lab Vehicle, with less interior room.  Air conditioning systems are on board.  The Fluid Lab Trailer operates effectively at night with its series of external floodlights.


Fluid Lab

Fluid Lab Exterior

The Mobile Fluid Analyzing Lab is a larger version of the Fluid Analyzing Van.  Amenities include cabinetry, sinks, storage, microwave ovens and built-in coffee pots.  The Mobile Fluid Analyzing Lab is completely self-contained and powered by an independent generator.  Air conditioning systems are on board.  The Mobile Fluid Analyzing Lab operates effectively at night with its series of external floodlights.  Noticeable are the external storage compartments, which were not included in the Fluid Analyzing Van.  Also, viewing capabilities are improved due to window positioning.  The roomier Fluid Analyzing Lab Vehicle allows for more head room and interior lab operations space when compared to the Fluid Analyzing Van.

Fluid Analyzing Lab Vehicle interior presents General Truck Body’s customization of the interior storage and cabinetry, including custom features such as a built-in coffee pot and microwave oven.  With this particular custom design, the customer required an amp, volt and frequency meter control panel, plus the ability to monitor stand-by electric power.

The interior cabin of the Fluid Analyzing Lab Vehicle is pressurized for the purpose of:

  • Dust control and reduced dust invasion of the interior
  • Expels outside air when entry doors are opened

Fluid Analyzing Van

Fluid Analyzing Van Exterior

Fluid Analyzing Van Exterior

The Fluid Analyzing Van illustrates the capabilities of General Truck Body to make custom alterations to a standard factory built van.  Customer requirements included a custom cabin top, cut-away of the van itself, and alterations to the body, which were all custom features installed by General Truck Body.  The interior of the Fluid Analyzing Van was also tailored to the customer’s needs. Alterations included access from the driver’s seat to the rear without opening doors, which allows easy access to storage at the rear of the vehicle.  In addition, the rear cabin’s interior is high enough for the operator to stand.  Plus, the proximity of the input/output materials to the rear of the Fluid Analyzing Van prevent contamination of the interior control areas.

Fluid Analyzing Van Interior

Fluid Analyzing Van Interior

The interior of this Fluid Analyzing Van exhibits the control area and demonstrates the capabilities of the pop-up cabin top to accommodate cabinetry, sinks, storage and microwave ovens.   The cabin’s interior is high enough for the operator to stand.  The rear doors on a standard factory van have been altered to half double doors with a single rear windshield, which allows for easier exit and entry, plus better viewing.  Fluids can be brought in from the rear without any exposure to the interior control area.  Samples can be taken and analyzed without having to exit the van.  Information can easily be transmitted via the on-board computers and electronics.

Containerized Control

Containerized Control Unit Interior

Containerized Control Unit Interior

The Containerized Control Unit presents a much smaller cabin.  This unit is 20 feet in total length and 15 feet for the operations area.  The Containerized Control Cabin utilizes bench seating for the customer area to take advantage of additional storage under the bench seat.  Two matching custom built file drawers straddle the customer bench seating.  Solid surface counter tops and numerous windows for a wide viewing area augment this Containerized Control Unit.

Control Center Skid


The Control Center Skid is a self contained two section unit.  The primary or forward section is the generator or power room and the secondary or aft section is the control room and customer area.  The Control Center is skid mounted to allow for offshore or barge deployment.  Furthermore, the Control Center Skid can easily be skid-dropped to mount on a foreign chassis when it arrives at overseas location.  Burglar / rock bars windows coverings prevent theft and windows breakage.  External side mounted tool boxes allow for storage of job site equipment.  Internally, all cabinets are aluminum and counter tops are solid surfaces.  The air condition system is roof mounted.

  • Skid mounted control unit can operate in both U.S. and foreign environments because the unit can be converted to either power system
  • Overall layout can accept differential voltage:
  • All lighting is easily accessible so it can be changed from 50 hertz to 60 hertz
  • Power from the on-board Diesel generator can be changed from 50 hertz, 220 volts to 60 hertz, 240 volts
  • The air condition system can be modified to accept either  power standard and still remain mounted in the same position.

Stimulation Van

Stimulation Van Exterior

The Stimulation Van is a two section unit for satellite capabilities.  The forward section is the data gathering and customer viewing area.  The rear section is operations control of the job site and equipment for the computer link.  The Stimulation Van is equipped with internal cabinets for storage, external tool boxes for storage of job site equipment and large windows that provide for a wide viewing area.

International Data Van

International Data Van Exterior

International Data Van Exterior

The International Data Van is a 21.5 foot single compartment data van with areas for both operators and customers.  The International Data Van is equipped for international use with 50 hertz power systems running at 220 volts.  All air condition systems, lighting, heating, computer systems and wall plugs are set to the international standard for the intended country.  The rear compartment houses up to 12 reels of 200 foot cable used for computer system connectivity throughout the International Data Van.  Two standard 3.0 entry doors, one on the curb side (passenger side) of the unit and the other on the road side (driver’s side) are outfitted with ladder access, safety glass windows and pass-through lighting.  All windows in the International Data Van are equipped with grill guards over the windows for protection against rocks and theft.  The International Data Van has storage both internally and externally.  The external storage has lockable accessible tool boxes to contain any products that are required on the job site.

  • The International Data Van can be powered by either external or internal power
  • The self-contained International Data Van is powered by a PTO generator between 15-20

Domestic Data Van

Domestic Data Van Exterior

The Domestic Data Van is principally a 26 foot computer control van and customer seating area with computer control inputs and outputs throughout.  The Domestic Data Van is accessorized with solid surface counter tops, internal overhead storage cabinets and external storage.  The internal overhead storage has sufficient capacity for operator and data controller needs.  The external storage can hold extra wires plus any equipment that is required at the job site.  Two full size entry doors on the curb side (passenger side) of the unit are equipped with ladder access, safety glass windows and pass-through lighting.  Installed in the customer seating area are three theater-style seats.  The computer systems are interconnected.  The input/output equipment plus up to 12 reels of 200 foot cables are housed in the rear section.

  • Everything is self-contained
  • Generator is powered by the tractor or chassis as to not involve and external or secondary on-board power
  • Power requirements: 20-25 Kilowatts on the generator
  • PTO driven

Domestic Data Van Interior for the 26 foot Domestic Data Van presents counter top space, cabinetry for internal storage and windows for easy viewing of the job site.  The computer workstations include rack mounted computers, captains chairs, hard mounted flat panel monitors and under-counter computer racks (which can also be switched out for an under-counter drawer).  The front bulkhead of the Domestic Data Van can accommodate a computer rack, floor to ceiling, allowing for easy access through the raceways from either above or below the counter top.  The customer seating area is a bench-type seat positioned within easy view of the overhead wall mounted monitors.  The air condition system is roof mounted and thermostat controlled, although air conditional system can also have plenum controls for each air conditioner.

  • Counter tops are solid surface ½” plastic coated for durability and easy care
  • Wall materials are FRP fiberglass for durability and easy care
  • Walls, floor and ceiling are fully insulated to reduce the amount of wood products used throughout
  • All cabinetry latches are aluminum
  • Floors are rubberized tile with standard 3/16″ aluminum plate underneath


Jobsite Control Trailer


Jobsite Control Trailer

The Jobsite Control Trailer is primary used in the oil field service industry.  The Jobsite Control Trailer is a three section trailer with an extended customer area.  The primary or forward section is the power room which contains the operating generator and electrical breaker panels.  The forward section of the Jobsite Control Trailer is located over the gooseneck or the tractor rear tires.  The mid section of the Jobsite Control Trailer contains the data control room and customer seating area.  The mid section also houses jobsite data control and data gathering systems.  The rear section contains jobsite controls for pumps and blenders.  The Jobsite Control Trailer comes with a rooftop mounted air condition system, V style, low profile with multiple air condition units on board.  In addition, the Jobsite Control Trailer is satellite capable.

  • The truck body is expandable
  • The unit is easily maneuverable when in road position
  • Self-contained power and computer systems
  • Everything is linkable by cable
  • Up to 32 real input and output feeds to onboard computers
Jobsite Control Trailer Interior

Jobsite Control Trailer Interior

This is the interior view of the Job Site Trailer.  Presented is the view of the under-counter computer racks with dual flat screen monitors which are wall mounted instead of counter top mounted.  Solid surface materials for counter tops, cabinets, raceways and control area enable greater durability and easy care.  Rolling chairs are easily tied down.  This allows for easier maneuverability, comfort and positioning for the operator.