Medical Waste Vehicle


Medical Waste Vehicle Exterior

The Medical Waste Vehicle was custom designed to the customer’s specifications to dispose of hospital waste in a safe and environmentally proper manner.  The Medical Waste Vehicle utilizes large on-board power systems for grinding and chemically neutralizing all bio hazard waste products from hospitals.  All bio hazard material is rendered inert or ineffective to any type of disease transfer due to the chemical treatment.  The inert, chemically treated material is then completely ground up at the on-board Grinding Treatment Station, allowing the formerly hazardous material to be placed in local dumpsters for disposal.

  • Medical Waste Vehicle is custom designed to meet customer’s specific requirements
  • Trailer is designed to allow for:
    • Full access of operators
    • Full access to and storage of bulk materials
  • Medical Waste Vehicle maintains overall height and length for D.O.T. compliance


medical-waste-shredderShown is the Bio Hazard Grinding Treatment Equipment with large electrical motors.