Mobile Dental Clinic


Mobile Dental Clinic CAD Drawing

The Mobile Dental Vehicle illustrates General Truck Body’s engineering capabilities to comply with our customer’s custom configurations.  The Custom Mobile Dental Vehicle was designed to be a mobile self contained dental unit so that it may travel to prisons, under-served and remote areas.  The Mobile Dental Vehicle is fully customized to contain desk areas, galleys, bathrooms and other flushing systems as well as Dental Examination booths.  The rear of the Mobile Dental Vehicle is equipped with a Wheelchair Access Handicap Lifting System.  The system is designed to lift from ground positions up to the entry point on the floor level.  The Wheelchair Access Handicap Lifting mechanism on the Mobile Dental Vehicle can be stowed in the up position to meet Department of Transportation requirements for transportation anywhere in the United States.

  • AutoCad drawing demonstrates General Truck Body’s design and engineering capabilities
  • Mobile Dental Vehicle Drawing illustrates General Truck Body’s total customization of any customer requirements