Mobile Medical Immunization Clinic


Mobile Medical Immunization Clinic Exterior

The Mobile Medical Immunization Vehicle helps serve underprivileged families that are incapable of traveling to and from conventional medical immunization centers in the city.  The Mobile Medical Immunization Vehicle can travel to neighborhoods and can handle a large number of immunization patients.  The Mobile Medical Immunization Vehicle is self contained, generator powered and has air conditioning and heating.  The vehicle is also equipped with a public address system to help maintain an orderly flow of patients in and out.

The Mobile Medical Immunization Vehicle can also be used in emergency medical situations that require a quick response team to handle immunization of a chemical or biological accident.


Mobile Medical Immunization Clinic Interior

The interior of the Mobile Medical Immunization Vehicle might appear to have relatively tight quarters. However, technicians can immunize two people at a time, the vehicle has a standing waiting area, plus it has an office area for the handling of the patient’s paperwork and documentation.  The Mobile Medical Immunization Vehicle is also equipped with an on-board television/DVD combination to disclose information to patients as they pass through the unit.  A small on-board galley includes a microwave, coffee pot and dual refrigerators.  One refrigerator is used for food and drink and the other for medication to prevent cross contamination.  A rear storage bench is built, which doubles as a bed complete with underneath storage.