Control Center Skid


The Control Center Skid is a self contained two section unit.  The primary or forward section is the generator or power room and the secondary or aft section is the control room and customer area.  The Control Center is skid mounted to allow for offshore or barge deployment.  Furthermore, the Control Center Skid can easily be skid-dropped to mount on a foreign chassis when it arrives at overseas location.  Burglar / rock bars windows coverings prevent theft and windows breakage.  External side mounted tool boxes allow for storage of job site equipment.  Internally, all cabinets are aluminum and counter tops are solid surfaces.  The air condition system is roof mounted.

  • Skid mounted control unit can operate in both U.S. and foreign environments because the unit can be converted to either power system
  • Overall layout can accept differential voltage:
  • All lighting is easily accessible so it can be changed from 50 hertz to 60 hertz
  • Power from the on-board Diesel generator can be changed from 50 hertz, 220 volts to 60 hertz, 240 volts
  • The air condition system can be modified to accept either  power standard and still remain mounted in the same position.