Domestic Data Van

Domestic Data Van Exterior

The Domestic Data Van is principally a 26 foot computer control van and customer seating area with computer control inputs and outputs throughout.  The Domestic Data Van is accessorized with solid surface counter tops, internal overhead storage cabinets and external storage.  The internal overhead storage has sufficient capacity for operator and data controller needs.  The external storage can hold extra wires plus any equipment that is required at the job site.  Two full size entry doors on the curb side (passenger side) of the unit are equipped with ladder access, safety glass windows and pass-through lighting.  Installed in the customer seating area are three theater-style seats.  The computer systems are interconnected.  The input/output equipment plus up to 12 reels of 200 foot cables are housed in the rear section.

  • Everything is self-contained
  • Generator is powered by the tractor or chassis as to not involve and external or secondary on-board power
  • Power requirements: 20-25 Kilowatts on the generator
  • PTO driven

Domestic Data Van Interior for the 26 foot Domestic Data Van presents counter top space, cabinetry for internal storage and windows for easy viewing of the job site.  The computer workstations include rack mounted computers, captains chairs, hard mounted flat panel monitors and under-counter computer racks (which can also be switched out for an under-counter drawer).  The front bulkhead of the Domestic Data Van can accommodate a computer rack, floor to ceiling, allowing for easy access through the raceways from either above or below the counter top.  The customer seating area is a bench-type seat positioned within easy view of the overhead wall mounted monitors.  The air condition system is roof mounted and thermostat controlled, although air conditional system can also have plenum controls for each air conditioner.

  • Counter tops are solid surface ½” plastic coated for durability and easy care
  • Wall materials are FRP fiberglass for durability and easy care
  • Walls, floor and ceiling are fully insulated to reduce the amount of wood products used throughout
  • All cabinetry latches are aluminum
  • Floors are rubberized tile with standard 3/16″ aluminum plate underneath