Fluid Lab

Fluid Lab Exterior

The Mobile Fluid Analyzing Lab is a larger version of the Fluid Analyzing Van.  Amenities include cabinetry, sinks, storage, microwave ovens and built-in coffee pots.  The Mobile Fluid Analyzing Lab is completely self-contained and powered by an independent generator.  Air conditioning systems are on board.  The Mobile Fluid Analyzing Lab operates effectively at night with its series of external floodlights.  Noticeable are the external storage compartments, which were not included in the Fluid Analyzing Van.  Also, viewing capabilities are improved due to window positioning.  The roomier Fluid Analyzing Lab Vehicle allows for more head room and interior lab operations space when compared to the Fluid Analyzing Van.

Fluid Analyzing Lab Vehicle interior presents General Truck Body’s customization of the interior storage and cabinetry, including custom features such as a built-in coffee pot and microwave oven.  With this particular custom design, the customer required an amp, volt and frequency meter control panel, plus the ability to monitor stand-by electric power.

The interior cabin of the Fluid Analyzing Lab Vehicle is pressurized for the purpose of:

  • Dust control and reduced dust invasion of the interior
  • Expels outside air when entry doors are opened