High/Low Control Cabin

High/Low Control Cabin - High Position

High/Low Control Cabin – High Position

High or Low Control Cabin (High position showing) gives you flexibility with regard to operating height.  Because of its hydraulic elevation system, the Control Cabin has the capability of being adjusted by a height of 24 inches.  This allows the Control Cabin to adapt to either an application where an eroded cabin height is required or it can adjust to maximum height when a stationary operation is necessary to accommodate a full height individual.

  • Completely self contained hydraulic system
  • Both lighting and hydraulics run on 12 volt power
  • Vent fans on lower half are easily maintained
  • Unit has four position lift points making it easy to install on walkway
  • High/Low Control Cabin is mainly built for harsh environments and cold climates
High/Low Control Cabin - Low Position

High/Low Control Cabin – Low Position

High or Low Control Cabin (Low position) showing eroded position so that overall profile of the unit is very low. No external air conditioning systems installed. This is for cold climates, and all the windows slide open for air flow for summertime operations. Mainly built for cold climates using a two piece door, remote control for the hydraulic systems to be lifted from the external points, and can be remotely controlled right from the ground if necessary.

  • Compact capability
  • Harsh/cold environments
  • Totally self contained
  • 12 volt connection
  • Complete access through the floor for control stands systems to be entered through
  • Both hydraulic and electric inputs and outputs